About Us

Company Background

ACN is a privately-held company founded in 1993. ACN's annual revenues have skyrocketed to over half a billion dollars and today ACN is the world's largest direct seller of telecommunications, energy and other essential services people need and use every day. In fact, ACN is a global conglomerate providing telecommunications and home services to customers in 25 countries spanning North America, Europe, Asia and Asia-Pacific.

DSA Member

Commitment to Integrity

Vision. Ambition. Opportunity. Integrity. These are the hallmarks of ACN and the foundation upon which the company was first conceived. In everything we bring to you, we strive to be our best. Our mission is to provide customers with essential and cutting-edge telecommunication and home services with more choices and greater value.

ACN Products & Services

  • Digital Phone Service
  • Wireless
  • Energy (Gas & Electricity)
  • Merchant Services
  • Television
  • Home Security & Automation
  • High Speed Internet
  • ACN Technical Support
  • Small Business Services